The richness of Chilean soils is huge and as Sogeco S.A. we are proud to collaborate in the sustainable exploitation of these resources. With experience in metal and non metal mining more than 20 years, customers such as Codelco, BHP Billiton, Angloamerican, Antofagasta Minerals, Xstrata, Freeport McMoran, Teck, SQM, Cementos Bio-Bio and Cementos Polpaico among others, have tried successful results from working with us in both its conventional processes as electro-winning.


In a world of increasing energy demand and urgency for reducing cost without impairing the production or environment, Sogeco S.A. has proven quality products for large customers, such as Endesa S.A., Colbún S.A., Aes Gener and EC-L; therefore, we are sure that we can provide you a comprehensive solution to support your value creation process.


Colax Group and its Brands have broad and deep experience in the oil global market, in the extraction, production, refining and handling it. With the support of Colfax’s experience in Middle East and Venezuela among other countries, Sogeco S.A. has been able to maintain a close relationship with Enap for over 20 years, achieving world-class operation standards.

The diversity of applications of our products have enable us to support a variety of important industrial clients like Celulosa Arauco, CMPC, Good Year, Nestlé, among others.



Imo, Imo AB and Houttuin have a worldwide reputation of excellence in the civil, commercial and military shipping. For our part, Sogeco S.A. has been a traditional supplier of equipments and spare parts for both, Asmar and the Chilean Navy, and the fishing industry.



Outside the application fields mentioned above, there are other possibilities and custom solutions that we can do for you. As example, both, the astronomical observatory Gemini II and the Alma Project of radio telescope have required our services. Don’t hesitate and contact us.


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