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Since 1941 Sociedad General de Comercio has focused its activities in the foreign trade, mainly as a representative of well-known foreign firms.

In 1956, the market knowledge and reputation achieved by SOGECO facilitated its entry to the industrial activity, where it began to commercialize its equipments under the brand of COLOSO©. This industry, with more than 50 years in the market, is widely renowned in Chile, especially in agriculture, both for its high quality and reliable equipments, as well as for the quality of the service provided by our partners to our customers.

In its traditional foreign trade activity, SOGECO currently represents COLFAX -whose companies, IMO (USA), IMO AB (Sweden), Warren (USA), Allweiler (Germany) and Houttuin (Netherlands)-; specializes in the handling and control of fluids, mainly through the manufacture and distribution of positive displacement pumps, specially the screw pumps.

SOGECO S.A. has accompanied Chile in its economic growth through time, and we believe that our experience, our service and our people are the support your company needs.







We want to be major players in the growth and sustainable development of the region; being an essential support for our client’s strategic productive processes though our experience, service and the best products that market can offer, encouraging a spirit of camaraderie and professionalism in our staff.


1.- In Sogeco S.A. we have the absolute conviction that “superior results arise from compromised teams”. We believe that active participation of each of our partners in the daily work is vital to achieving our goals.

2.- “The control lies within”. We believe in personal responsibility as method and incentive to achieve and excellence job. When we are truly responsible for something, means we are committed to it.

3.- “Our actions define us”. In Sogeco we know the professional ethics are not an option but a must… we believe that honest, presential and responsive work is the key to successful customer and partners relationship.

4.- Years of experience and overcome has taught us that “the natural result of good work is a great service”, which is why the concept of total quality in all day’s aspects is a constant in the life of Sogeco.